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Success & Wellness Coaching
for Students

The Guidance Counselor Has Left the Building

In today's public schools there is only 1 guidance counselor for every 415 students. 76% of school counselors are White, while over 50% of public school students are not. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that approximately 35,000 new school counselor positions will be added to the industry every year for the next several years to address the current deficit of support in most schools in America. With over 40% of students experiencing persistent sadness and depression, and teen suicide on the rise, schools must do more to provide success and wellness supports to the students they serve.

Scaling Student Support

Removing the Limitations of Traditional School Counseling 

Covid-19 shed light on a huge blindspot negatively impacting students. Access to remote student support. The Ms. B app provides schools with a simple and powerful way to provide on-demand and prescheduled success and wellness coaching to their students.

Online Class
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Secure Turnkey Technology

The Ms. B app provides a secure mobile and web-based interface to connect our Student Success Coaches with your students. Schools are not responsible for any maintenance of their platform or app. Simply reserve enough Ms. B Student Success Kits for your school, set them up, and let our team do the rest.

Diverse Specialized Student Success Coaches 

Most schools today only have one school counselor. Students should be forced to see generalists to assist with their unique and complex needs. The Ms. B app provides certified Student Success Coaches who can assist your students with the following support:

Academic Support

  • Test Prep

  • College Prep

  • Career Advising

  • Academic Advising

Health & Wellness Support

  • Stress Management

  • Emotional Competence

  • Physical Fitness & Health Coaching

Life Skills Coaching

  • Time Management Support

  • Decision-Making Skill Building

  • Accountability Coaching

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Get on the Interest List to Bring Ms. B to Your School

Our team is now accepting Ms. B reservation requests for the 2022-2023 school year. Use the button below to get in touch with our team and get your school on the interest list. Email any questions to our team at