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Ensuring an Equitable School and Student Experience

Timely Data =
Timely Accountability

Today's public school system is plagued with academic inconsistencies, struggling educators, and schools that haven't improved in decades. The Equitable School and Student Experience (ESSEX) App provides timely student feedback data to a central intelligence hub that tracks school performance metrics and uses artificial intelligence to help our School Reform Analysts create insights on school improvements for educational reform.

When Schools Know Better, They'll Do Better

Centralized School Intelligence

In order to change the educational landscape, we must have access to timely relevant data from the millions of students who enter our public school system each year. The Better Schools Bureau will make that data public and provide key educational reform stakeholders and agencies with the insights they need to spark change in our schools.

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Data Points that


The ESSEX app will college both daily data points (DDPs) and weekly data points (WDPs) from students in the following areas:

  • School Climate

  • School Safety

  • Classroom Experience

  • Teacher Interactions

  • Peer Interactions

  • Student Parent Interactions

  • Equipment, Tech, and Resources

Student-Powered Insights

Each school will have ESSEX enabled devices in secure yet accessible locations for students to use. Data will go directly to the ESSEX Central Intelligence Hub for analysis. Schools will receive a monthly report regarding the data collected by their students. School districts will receive a comprehensive district performance report to assist them with prioritizing and addressing critical issues that may arise.

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Register your school district to get access to the ESSEX App as soon as it becomes available. For additional information or to book a demo, contact us below. Email any other questions to