The Future of Educational Equity is Here

At the Bureau for Better Schools our mission is to be the leader in advancing educational integrity and innovation for students in 

classrooms across the country. We do this by:

  • Designing technology to allow students and families to identify and address substandard educational environments

  • Developing innovative solutions to support student health and wellness at scale

  • Providing students with access to financial and business literacy resources to directly improve their socio-economic status across their lifetime  

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Equitable +
Innovative Education for All

Advancing educational integrity and a quality learning experience for k-12 students

Our Suite of Solutions

The Educational Innovation Team at the Bureau for Better Schools is working diligently to design creative solutions to support the improvement of schools at scale. 

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The Equitable School and Student Experience (ESSEX) app collects and analyzes timely data from students on their educational experience and reports it to a centralized database that tracks the quality and effectiveness of schools within school districts around the country.

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MS. B 

The "Ms. B" app provides schools with a low-cost way to provide middle and high school students with quality health and wellness coaching and support during the school year. Students can request academic, socio-emotional, and life skills support services.

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Campus 'Casts is the first national podcast network powered by colleges and universities for k-12 students. With Campus 'Casts, teachers can provide their students with access to programming from the best higher education institutions in the country.


Review Your Child's School for the
2021-2022 School Year

We are calling all students, parents, and caregivers to submit feedback regarding your child's school experience during the 2021-2022 school-year. All submissions are anonymous. Your insights will be used in our annual Better Schools Bureau Report on each of the performance areas below.

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